On Life, Death, and Everything In-Between

Admittedly up far too late tonight reflecting on life and death and everything in between. Maybe this won’t be a popular opinion, but I’m convinced most of us live throughout life without honestly ever thinking about death and what we’re willing to die for.
If we don’t know what we’re willing to die for, then how can we truly live?
How can we ever live to the fullest when we get so caught up in the most trivial of things? To merely exist on a whim and to act as if time isn’t the most precious gift that there is is to waste the gift of life itself. Our actions should be intentional. We must love intentionally. Serve intentionally. And place others before ourselves in all that we do. It isn’t enough to merely sing on Sunday and worship God one day a week; indeed praise can and must be a mindset that we continually work on and show through our actions and deeds.
Young people aren’t leaving the church in droves because the music isn’t hip enough or the cafe isn’t serving Starbucks; they’re leaving because they don’t feel welcomed and the faith that is shown on Sunday morning doesn’t feel genuine. The gospel of Jesus and its message are timeless truths. The challenge that the church faces in attracting young people is proving to them that they will be loved and welcomed no matter where they’re at in life.
Because let’s face it, nobody has all their stuff together.
The church is a hospital for sinners.
Some patients are in more critical conditions than others, but in the end, we all have fallen desperately short.
What’s the ailment to our brokenness? Jesus.
Therefore, one of the best things the church can do is to create an environment that shows Jesus to the fullest extent possible.
And since Jesus is love, that means showing love to the fullest extent humanly possible.