Trump’s Twitter Trouble

I am legitimately embarrassed by The President of The United States. Mr. Trump is almost 70 years old, but a look at his Twitter feed reveals the emotional maturity of an eight-year-old. Instead of being a leader and attacking an argument solely based on its merits, Donald decides to opt for the personal attack, going … Continue reading Trump’s Twitter Trouble


We’re All On The Same Team

"It's beyond time we end this nonsense of name calling and insulting others we don't agree with and try to understand why they believe what they believe. Not every Donald Trump voter is a "deplorable," and not every Hilary Clinton voter is an ultra-liberal who believes the government is the answer to everything. Believe it or not, people had valid reasons to vote for either candidate and calling them names and belittling them for their vote accomplishes nothing."

The Problem With Perfection

A quick glance at Instagram or Facebook reveals nearly perfect images of seemingly perfect events, with apparently no sorrow evident. This, of course, could not be further from the truth. However, as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook become increasingly prevalent in today's society, one would almost be forgiven to assume that this perfection … Continue reading The Problem With Perfection

When it Comes to Grief, All Your Emotions are Valid

Anger, resentment, sadness. These are just a handful of the emotions I still deal with from the loss of my dad five years ago, and I’m tired of having to act as if they’re somehow less legitimate because I lost him five years ago. They say time heals everything, but I’d like to respectfully disagree … Continue reading When it Comes to Grief, All Your Emotions are Valid

Grow Up, Mr. President

It was early in the morning, and President Donald Trump was restless. Instead of going back to bed or reading a pocketbook Constitution, Trump did what he always does: tweet.  Not unlike most things President Trump tweets, it was an attack on the media. However, this attack was particularly personal, targeting Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski … Continue reading Grow Up, Mr. President

Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

It seems more and more like guys in my generation are facing an identity crisis, in a never ending competition to prove who is the most masculine and manly. As if somehow manliness is a competition, and one must outdo others to prove how manly they are. Whether it be drinking beers or seeing how … Continue reading Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

What Happened To Civility?

When it comes to politics, civility is now the exception, not the norm. Across the web, comment sections are filled with the most polarizing opinions and voices, with little room left for a reasonable and well thought out debate. Of course, some of this can be contributed to this past's Presidential election's extreme rhetoric, but … Continue reading What Happened To Civility?

On Health Care, The GOP Has It All Wrong

Medicaid is an essential and vital program that protects society's most vulnerable.  A  society can be measured not by how it treats its most privileged citizens- but by how it treats the most vulnerable- the sick, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor. I should know how important Medicaid is, after all, I am a product of it. … Continue reading On Health Care, The GOP Has It All Wrong