On Easter

I haven’t written anything in a while. The world is crazy. It’s the era of social distancing and of COVID. Hopefully COVID is on its way out. Thank God for science and vaccinations!

Tomorrow is Easter. It’s a momentous day on its own terms. Jesus is risen. He’s alive. We don’t have to wonder where he went or where he’s going. He’s right where He was always meant to be. At the right hand of His Father. He’s not only there. He’s everywhere love is. He is love. Most folks know by now that my dad died when I was 15. Last year I had the opportunity to listen to some of the voicemails he left me. This was the first time I heard his voice in years. This was hard for me. Admittedly, I only listened for 30 seconds or so but decided that was enough.

The thing is though, those voicemails were from a specific point in time which has already long past. My dad is gone now. Some night even say he is dead. But the truth is, He’s more alive than ever. My life is infinitely more dull than his must be right now. I can only see glimpses of the eternity that awaits. He, however, has access to the whole thing.

Easter is a testament to Christ’s power, love, and never-ending commitment to the human race. He died so that we may be set free. We’ll still screw up, but his death and resurrection ensures that for those who believe and trust in Him, death in this life isn’t final. It also means that those who’ve gone before us and have professed their faith in Jesus, like my dad, are still alive. Thank God for this marvelous truth. I am so thankful I’ll be able to see him again one day.

He is risen, He is risen indeed.

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