What Easter Means

For far too many, Easter simply means a chance at free chocolate and a visit by the Easter bunny. However, Easter is so much more than that, and one would be gravely mistaken to just treat it as just another holiday, because it’s not. Easter is so much more than chocolate and Easter eggs, Easter has real meaning. Easter represents one man’s conquering of death, so all of us can have life. Easter is a time to recognize a greater love, one that knew no bounds. It’s a love that caused a flawless Savior to be nailed to a cross, only to rise again three days later. It’s a love so revolutionary, so unlike anyone has ever seen, that it completely flipped the world upside down. It’s in times like these, when death seemingly abounds and suffering seems endless, that we must remember this love. We must remember that death, although hard beyond measure, is not permanent.

Easter reminds us that love conquers all, and that death is only temporary.

Now that is something to be thankful for.

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