The Problem With Forever (Finding Extrodinary in The Ordinary)

It would be a grand miscalculation to live life as if time was infinite, a journey with seemingly no end in sight. Yet this is what many of us do, we live our lives as if there’s always another tomorrow to be had, and spend our time on things with no meaningful impact on the world around us. Of course, a lot of life is mundane, but that doesn’t mean that the extraordinary isn’t around us, waiting for us to notice it. Think about the very breath you breathe, is that not extraordinary to some extent? Look at the trees and the nature that surrounds us. That’s extraordinary, no? It is my contention that life’s greatest moments are not the one’s that we so often think of (vacations, extravagant trips), but the ordinary one’s.  After all, can’t the extraordinary exist in the ordinary too? Often we are focused on the next event, the next impressive vacation, and we do not take the time to celebrate the precious gift of now. We assume that there will always be another tomorrow, so we put off what we should have done or said today. Society constantly tells us that it’s OK to put things off and that everything will last and be around forever. But the truth is, life is but a mist. The truth is, life goes by so quickly, and if we don’t take the time to appreciate the ordinary, how can we truly live a full life? The problem with forever is that in life, there is no such thing. In life, there’s only a limited number of minutes and hours allotted to every person.

Know this, and live accordingly.

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