Prayers, Not Politics Please.

Today in Washington D.C. a gunman opened fire at a baseball field where Congressional Republicans were practicing for an annual baseball game. Several were injured, including  House of Representative Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Lousiana. Soon after the tragedy, keyboard and social justice warriors were quick to attack the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership in The United States. Seemingly unshaken from what just took place, many took what happened and used it as an opportunity to spin it in a way that benefited their own personal agenda, regardless if it hurt or upset others. There’s a time for politics and political discussion, but it isn’t now. Not when Congressman Scalise is battling for his life, and other members of his security detail are still in the hospital. Today is the time to pray, to reflect, and to put aside our political differences. There will always be another day to discuss guns and other hot-button political issues, but today simply isn’t that day.

Today, let’s push back against partisan politics and remember that no matter what our party affiliation, we are all Americans.

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