On Health Care, The GOP Has It All Wrong

Medicaid is an essential and vital program that protects society’s most vulnerable.  A  society can be measured not by how it treats its most privileged citizens- but by how it treats the most vulnerable- the sick, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor. I should know how important Medicaid is, after all, I am a product of it. As a kid with type one diabetes, Medicaid saved my life. It allowed me to visit the doctor when I was sick and ensured that I would have a straight smile, thanks to the braces it provided. Medicaid should be expanded and more adequately funded, not slashed and cut. The overwhelming majority of people on Medicaid are not on it because they choose to be, they are on it because they have no other choice. After eight years of promising a full repeal of ObamaCare with something better and more affordable, The Republican health care plan is a true disappointment. Even President Trump was reported to call the House version of the bill “mean,” but that’s the least that this healthcare plan is. It’s heartless, cruel, and doesn’t even deserve to be debated over. Yes, ObamaCare has problems, but why don’t Republican’s partner with Democrats to help fix it instead of fully repealing it? Like it or not, ObamaCare has saved lives and put millions of Americans back on health insurance. The AHCA, on the other hand, promises to undo all of the progress that’s been made and put the most vulnerable out to dry.

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised not to make any cuts to Medicare or Medicaid, let’s hold him accountable to that promise.

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