I’m Sorry

Over the past few days, allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore have rocked both Hollywood and Washington. Actors were quick to condemn the disgraced movie mogul, and vulnerable Republican Senators quickly withdrew their support from the fiery political candidate. However, some establishment Alabama Republican’s have been trying to defend Moore, as if pedophilia is somehow acceptable and inappropriately touching a fourteen-year-old girl is a partisan issue and defensible.

To be clear, Moore never should have been chosen to represent the GOP in a Senate race to begin with. Yet now with several accusers levying almost incomprehensible allegations against Moore, it is time for him to go.

Speaking of which, I’m sorry for the way in which some are attacking Moore’s accusers, as if they’re the ones that did something wrong.

Roy Moore is the perpetrator here, and the ones who stepped up to tell their stories should be praised for their courage.

It is 2017, folks. There is no logical defense for inappropriately touching underage girls without consent. Yet some GOP members have chosen to do just that, and take away any shred of decency and honor they had left to their name.

Their is only one thing left for Roy Moore to do: drop out.

Moore has no place in the GOP, and as far as I’m concerned, he can go back into the backwoods where he and his ideas come from and never come out again.

I’m sorry, Alabama.

You deserve better.

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