Dear Donald, Do You Really Know How to Lead?

Dear Donald,

   Do you really know how to lead? I’m asking because by the looks of it, the answer would be no. A quick look at your Twitter account reveals desperate attempts at bullying and shaming your critics into submission. However each time you tweet, the opposition only grows larger. I wonder why this might be? You promised to unite our divided country, but your tweets are doing the exact opposite. They spread division and uncertainty, and make me ashamed of our current political climate. Donald, real leaders don’t insult and criticize through a keyboard, they strengthen alliances and build trust through understanding. Real leaders inspire through unity and strength, not hate and division. Leaders make mistakes and fail, but they have the courage to admit the mistakes and learn from them. Leaders build bridges, not walls. Leaders bring out the very best in others, and help them reach their full potential.

Donald, now ask yourself: how are my tweets making me a better leader? How are they setting an example for the next generation?

The answer? They aren’t.

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