A Time To Be Loud

By now we have all seen and heard of the events occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia. We’ve seen the images of violence and hatred, of white supremacist carrying torches and shouting racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric. The condemnation has been swift and furious from many, but it has not gone far enough. President Trump never mentioned the words “white supremacy” in his response to the Unite The Right rally, coyly stating that “We strongly condemn this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides.”

Strangely, President Trump has no qualms when it comes to using the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” but when it comes to mentioning white supremacy, he is mute.

It doesn’t just there, however. Far too many white people have been silent on Charlottesville, preferring to stand on the sidelines while those espousing hatred and bigotry are in the headlines.

In times like these, silence is complicity, and those who say nothing are just as guilty as those screaming.

In times like these, we must be loud and take a stand. We must stand and shout with our brothers and sisters of color and boldly proclaim that enough is enough!

Because if we do not shine a light on this evil and continue to act like it doesn’t exist, it will only continue to metastasize and grow larger.

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