Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

It seems more and more like guys in my generation are facing an identity crisis, in a never ending competition to prove who is the most masculine and manly. As if somehow manliness is a competition, and one must outdo others to prove how manly they are. Whether it be drinking beers or seeing how many numbers a guy can pick up, my generation has fallen into a worrisome, and might I add- completely avoidable trap. There’s no award for the most macho guy, although I’m sure women do appreciate machoness to a certain extent. There’s this toxic belief out there that somehow one must prove their manhood by doing or achieving certain things, but that’s simply not the case. Real men don’t find their identity in how many beers they can chug or how many girls they can hook up with, real men know that their identity comes from God. Real men don’t belittle and objectify women, they respect them and value them, treating them as if they were their own sisters. Real men know who they are, and realize that their identity comes from God and that respecting others isn’t a choice, it’s a must. Real men stand up for the vulnerable, and take a stand injustice, no matter how small that injustice might be. You won’t find this definition of a man in popular culture, but you will find it in The Bible.

Manliness isn’t a competition, and the road to becoming a better man is a marathon, not a sprint.

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