The Art of The Con

President Trump is a con-artist. This should have been blatantly obvious to anyone following his campaign or past business dealings, but this fact is as obvious as ever today. Candidate Trump’s main proposal, a border wall between The United States and Mexico, has not even begun to be constructed. Never mind the sheer lunacy of this outrageous idea, Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. Never has such a world class narcissist held the most powerful position in the world. To look at Trump’s own Twitter account is to look into the soul of a deeply insecure man, one who is frightened at the prospect of actually leading the most powerful nation in the world. I wanted Donald to succeed, I really did. However, after 100 days in office, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Donald Trump’s greatest obstacle to success is Donald Trump. It’s as if the President is running the country like a casino, promising his supporters that they will eventually hit the jackpot, as long as they remain patient and don’t ask too many questions. Trump tries the slots over and over again, only to come up empty. With each empty hand, his supporters grow weary. However the mere promise of “Making America Great Again,” has made it all worth it. It remains to be seen how much longer Trump supporters will tolerate an empty hand, but eventually, they will want a return on their vote.

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