Memories of a Life Past

Before the sunset set down in Raleigh this evening, I decided to go over to my old neighborhood to just reminiscence about some of the old memories I had there.

This was the house where I saw my dad for the last time before his stroke.

This was the house  whose backyard hosted multiple water fights in the summer, and saw me hop on a bike for the first time- with training wheels.

This was the house where my dog of fourteen years, Preston, first came stumbling through the driveway and into our lives.

Now, this house is probably home to a new family.

They have no idea of the memories I still have of their house, or of the rather trying times I had in those four walls, but I hope that whoever owns it now makes new and exciting memories in the place I once called home.

As I begin to finally start on a new chapter in my life this fall, I am starting to become increasingly sentimental and reflective of the times I’ve had here.

For all of the good days and and all of the bad days I’ve had in Raleigh, I will always call it home.

Raleigh holds a special place in my heart, just like my old home in Cary.

And as time goes on and seasons fade, I’ll look back on it all and smile.

However, I can’t say I am smiling about the homeowners choice in the color of the house.

Regardless, I hope that they have many colorful memories on the inside of those four walls.

There’s a song by Miranda Lambert titled “The House That Built Me.”

While I can’t say my old house built me, I can say the times in there, both good and bad, have played a role into molding me into who I am today.

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