Friendship in the Virtual Age.

In today’s world of Facebook and numerous other social media outlets, it is  easy to misconstrue what friendship and being a friend actually means.

For all of my Facebook friends, I still realize that there are merely a handful I keep in contact with or interact with on a daily basis.
So what does friendship beyond Facebook look like?
What does it actually mean to be a friend?
Well, I think a lot of it is just simply being there for a person.
What does it mean to just simply be there?
Be there.
Be there when it’s easy, and when it’s hard.
Be there on the good days, and on the bad.
Be there to listen, and to share.
Be there to support, be there to guide.
Just be there.
It sounds so simple, because it is.
We just make it complicated.
We work constantly, and forget the things that truly matter here.
We forge our own schedules, often forgetting to make time for ourselves and for others.
The time we have on this earth is limited.
There are only so many sunrises and sunsets to see.
Only so many conversations to have.
So make them count.
Take the time to reach out to others and to enjoy life.
After all, one day there won’t be anymore time to take.

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